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By the time St. Andrews Properties, Inc. was established in 1984, Joel S. Hirsch, founder and President, had already purchased, as sole General Partner, one Indiana shopping center and one Chicago industrial building. At the end of December, 1983, Joel and his cousin, Ken Ross, having made the decision to expand, purchased Carillon Square, a Glenview shopping center developed by Thomas Strey. Neal Hirsch, Joel's brother, joined the group four months later.

Subsequent to the Carillon Square purchase, together with their investment group of family and close associates, the partners acquired three more Illinois shopping centers: Riverside Plaza, in Wheeling; Surrey Ridge, in Arlington Heights; and Olympia Square, in Olympia Fields. As well, the group purchased a small light industrial building and a downtown office building-19 South LaSalle Street. St. Andrews Properties, Inc. manages and leases only properties which the group owns. After successful runs of 11, 20 and 10 years respectively, Olympia Square, Carillon Square and the 19 South LaSalle Street building were recently sold.

Today St Andrews Properties, Inc. manages and leases its portfolio of three shopping centers, one light industrial building, a Kilbourne, Illinois golf course known as Crane Creek and banks land in Big Rock, Illinois. All the properties are within an hour of the principals' homes in the Chicago area.

How was the name of this umbrella company chosen? Well, when Joel sought a solid and substantial-sounding name for the real estate company, his lifelong affinity and devotion to the game of golf played an unmistakeable role. Joel had been Runnerup at the 1981 British Amateur Championship at St. Andrews, Scotland (the birthplace of Golf), so the name was a natural.

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